Gamma-Decalactone Produced by Fermentation is Announced by Blue California

Sep 22 2020

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif.July 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Blue California, a manufacturer of purified natural ingredients and flavor compounds for use in food products announced the successful commercialization of Gamma-Decalactone. The commercial production of this versatile flavor compound currently used worldwide in a variety of flavor and food applications was achieved through the company’s innovative fermentation technology using natural and wild strains of yeast to ensure the EU Natural status of this ingredient.

Gamma-Decalactone is a natural and versatile aromatic compound found in many fruits and gives peaches and ripening fruit a distinctive flavor. This flavor compound has been used commercially in formulations of peach, apricots and strawberry flavors for use in beverages, personal care products and even pharmaceutical applications. Gamma-Decalactone is also used as a food additive to improve flavor, taste and appearance.

Cecilia McCollum, the company’s executive vice president commented, “We are pleased to have reached the final phase of our commercialization of Gamma-Decalactone. Our goal was to produce flavor compounds that can be confirmed natural and Non-GMO. Our unique fermentation process has made this a reality.” Blue California has been producing unique ingredients through their R&D facility in Boston and their extraction and fermentation manufacturing facilities.

Blue California’s innovative manufacturing process used to produce Gamma-Decalactone will ensure the product’s NON-GMO certification and entry into the European market. The company’s manufacturing facilities maintain GMP and BRC certifications to ensure the purity and consistent value and quality of the natural ingredients they offer to the world market.

Blue California is a recognized industry leader in innovation and manufacture of high purity natural compounds and botanical extracts for the food, beverage, cosmetics and flavor industries.