Blue California To Start Production of New Nature-based Bitter Blocker Technology

Food and beverage brands and manufacturers will now have access to novel flavor technology to reduce bitter notes Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. and Bedford, Mass. (Sept. 23, 2020) — Blue California, a vertically integrated technology company that designs and produces sustainable ingredient solutions for the food, beverage, and supplement industry, announced jointly, with biotech innovator… More

Blue California Files Additional Patent for Ergothioneine

Company details potential therapeutic use of Ergothioneine for oxidative stress. Blue California has filed for a patent on therapeutic uses of Ergothioneine, claiming the ingredient may mitigate oxidative stress that triggers an inflammatory response common to many chronic health conditions. Specifically, it claims that Ergothioneine can mitigate oxidative stress triggering the inflammatory response in many chronic… More

Can L-ergothioneine transform the healthy ageing segment?

A 24-year study has found correlation between consumption of L-ergothioneine-rich foods like mushrooms and risk of prostate cancer and other age-related issues. Healthy ageing ingredient L-ergothioneine, the unusual amino acid present in fungi, might be the next big thing in the nutraceutical industry, as shown in the findings of a 24-year study examined here by Blue… More

The Power of Prevention in Healthy Aging

With demand surging for wellness products, brands are in unique position to respond to consumer needs. The importance of health in modern society has never been in clearer focus amid the novel coronavirus pandemic that has physically and psychologically afflicted the entire global community. SARS-CoV-2 and the associated respiratory disease COVID-19 represent the gravest public health… More