ErgoActive®, the clinically-supported brand of ergothioneine

Elevate well-being with ErgoActive®, the ergothioneine with benefits shown through rigorous clinical research and made by precision fermentation. Harness the power of science to support a longevity lifestyle.

A Multi-functional Ingredient for Healthy Longevity

Blue California’s ErgoActive® ergothioneine is a cutting-edge ingredient that supports mitochondrial, cellular and whole-body health. This ingredient effectively boosts body levels of ergothioneine that normally decline with aging.

  • Clinically supported: by a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study in a healthy human population.
  • Ease of formulation: water-soluble powder with neutral taste and exceptional stability.
  • Advanced Technology: made by our proprietary precision fermentation technologies.
  • Applications: dietary supplement, food, beverage, cosmetic and pet nutrition.
  • Safety: FDA-reviewed GRAS (#734).

Meeting Consumers Needs for a Healthy Longevity

The global population over age 65 has grown rapidly due to declining birth rates and increased life spans. Today’s consumers are recognizing the importance of increasing healthspan for a longevity lifestyle.

Inspired by nature, we develop nutritional ingredients with fortifying properties that consumers need for a happy, healthy life.

Healthy longevity: the state in which years in good health approach the biological lifespan, with physical, cognitive, and social functioning, enabling well-being across populations.

What is L-Ergothioneine?

Renowned biochemist Bruce Ames has highlighted the significance of ergothioneine to human health by designating it as a “longevity vitamin.” According to Ames, a shortage of a longevity vitamin in the diet results in long term health problems and premature aging.

Even though our bodies use ergothioneine to combat the effects of aging, ergothioneine is only obtained through dietary sources like mushrooms or through supplementation.

With its unique molecular structure, ergothioneine provides unparalleled stability and enduring antioxidant protection. This makes ergothioneine an exceptional ingredient for formulations designed to combat oxidative stress.

Unlike many water-soluble vitamins, ergothioneine is exceptionally bioavailable and avidly retained in the body. The presence of a specific Ergothioneine Transporter (ETT) facilitates the direct delivery of ergothioneine to cells and mitochondria, enhancing its ability to combat oxidative stress.

Health benefits of ErgoActive®

Due to the unique features of ergothioneine, its health benefits are vast and multifaceted. Ergothioneine plays a crucial role in reducing oxidative stress, a key player in accelerating aging and chronic diseases.

Health benefits of ErgoActive® may include:

  • Mitochondrial Health
  • Cell-Protection
  • Telomere Protection
  • Cognitive Support
  • Eye Health
  • Immune Support
  • Sleep Support

ErgoActive® for Healthy Longevity and Telomere Support

Telomeres, the protective endcaps of chromosomes, are widely recognized as hallmarks of aging. They naturally shorten as cells divide and as we age, with the process being accelerated by various factors including stress, smoking, poor nutrition, infections, and diseases.

In a first-of-kind study, ErgoActive® was evaluated for its potential to influence telomere length in cultured human fibroblasts, both under normal conditions and in the presence of oxidative. Compared to controls, ErgoActive® treatment:

  • Resulted in longer median telomere length
  • Reduced percentage of short telomeres
  • Decreased rate of telomere shortening

These results underscore the role ErgoActive® in counteracting oxidative stress-related telomere damage, contributing to healthier aging.

Elevate Your Product Line with ErgoActive®: The Next Breakthrough in Cognitive Health Supplements

As the global population ages, the decline in blood levels of crucial nutrients, such as ergothioneine, presents both a challenge and an opportunity for brands poised to make a difference. Research consistently links lower levels of ergothioneine to significant health concerns, including cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases. ErgoActive® emerges as a scientifically validated solution.

  • A study with 2,840 participants aged 60+ showed that higher mushroom consumption, a natural source of ergothioneine, correlated with better cognitive performance.
  • A study with 470 adults aged 50+ showed that higher plasma ergothioneine levels was associated with enhanced memory and executive function.
  • Lower blood ergothioneine levels have been observed in patients with mild cognitive impairment and dementia, with the lowest levels linked to accelerated cognitive decline and brain volume loss.
  • A clinical trial involving 92 healthy adults between 40 to 75 years showed that ergothioneine supplementation improved sleep quality.

Blue California is pleased to announce completion of a double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trial on ErgoActive® ergothioneine supplementation. This landmark study underscores the potential of ErgoActive® to support cognitive health, memory, and sleep in the healthy elderly with subjective memory complaints.

ErgoActive® Applications

Dietary Supplements

Functional Foods



Cosmetic Applications

Pet Health Supplements

Safety of ErgoActive®

Blue California’s ErgoActive® ergothioneine is made by precision fermentation with US FDA-reviewed of Safety (GRN #734). ErgoActive® ergothioneine is generally recognized as safe for adults at doses up to 30 mg/day for dietary supplements and 5 mg added to food products. Our clinical trials further affirm the safety of ErgoActive® supplementation .

Building the Next Generation of High-Quality and Clinically Supported Nutrition Products.

Elevate your brand with ErgoActive® and meet the growing consumer demand for nutritional products that deliver scientifically validated health benefits. Let us help our consumers lead healthier, more vibrant lives. Let’s redefine the future of healthy longevity together.

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