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The importance of innovation

It is innovation that drives competition and connects science, manufacturers, marketers and consumers. Innovation is at the center of our company’s core competencies in product development and manufacture.

Manufacture and sustainability

There are limitations to what nature provides us. Our job is to find ways to expand those limits, using science to find and enhance natural sources of those compounds that can enrich our lives, make us healthier, make our food safer, more nutritious and less expensive. We use standard plant extraction methods and enhanced fermentation technology to ensure sustainable availability of unique ingredients with naturalness.

Science, R&D services and toll manufacturing

Life Science is the driving force of our R&D Centers in the USA and in China. In response to global needs and by customers’ demand, Blue California is becoming a leader in the production of natural flavors & fragrances, natural sweeteners, natural colors, natural preservatives, natural APIs and other specialty ingredients through bioconversion and enhanced fermentation technologies.

We do not offer just theoretical R&D potential solutions; we offer practical, commercially feasible solutions complemented by our toll manufacturing capabilities that can turn a brilliant idea into a commercially viable product. We safeguard your proprietary information and intellectual property and, in some cases, can work with you as a team on joint projects to develop patentable processes and products with shared IP.

Fermentation Technology

Our scientists focus on using fermentation biology to produce high-value natural products. Our team employs the latest biological tools to discover metabolic pathways in various organisms, reconstruct these pathways in industrial microbes, and use fermentation technology to produce targeted natural products. We are a vertically integrated ingredient provider from research to production, which not only supports the development of novel production methods, but also provides expertise in scale-up and large scale fermentation.

What makes our team a success?

  • A commitment to science, naturalness and innovation: We are always looking for ways to improve a process, to increase yield, to reduce cost, to increase efficiency, and to consistently ensure the safety and quality of our products.
  • A commitment to customers: We take the global need for quality ingredients that can improve or maintain our quality of life very seriously. It is with this commitment that we support our customers’ need for natural ingredients that are safe with traceability.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement: Stringent requirements, higher purity, better taste, greater value, consistent quality, sustained availability, superior natural sources and using innovative technologies. We are constantly pushing the limits of what can be achieved and we do so with quality, safety and your success in mind.
  • A commitment to validation and quality: Maintaining BRC, Kosher and Halal certifications for our manufacturing and contract manufacturing plants, are a necessity to enter the world market. Responsible quality control and third-party validation are a necessity to maintain the safety of the ingredients, ensure compliance to regulations and quality conformance batch-after-batch.

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