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Our Company

Blue California is a science-based manufacturer of natural ingredients used in food products, beverages, flavors & fragrances, dietary supplements, personal care and cosmetics. We are an innovative company which offers solutions through its Life Science platform and manufacturing expertise, to companies with global reach in many different industries. Our goal is to help our customers ensure sustainable ingredients, improve performance, maintain consistent quality and better results for their consumer products through our R&D and manufacturing services. Our growth and future depend on our customers’ success.

Blue California delivers natural and innovative solutions that sustain growth and performance to our global customers. We pay close attention to consumer needs and trends and focus our science and innovative strategies on our customers’ needs. Successful strategic partnerships have allowed us to establish a solid foundation and become a recognized leader within the industries we serve.

We can take a customer’s idea through the R&D process and turn that concept into a viable commercial product using production technologies that ensure sustainable resources, consistent quality and assured market advantage.

It takes more than innovative technology and manufacturing capabilities to be a successful strategic partner. It takes expertise in integrating and implementing solutions to build a strong foundation of trust, dependability, reliability and a long-term partnership. Over the years we have established a successful record as a reliable partner in product development and toll manufacturing.



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